The Reebok Reetone Toning Shoes Collection

by michifus on October 11, 2010

Wouldn’t it be great if we combined a balance ball with a shoe? Every time you took a step your muscles would get a great toning session!

This crazy notion went on to become the biggest innovation in the brands history. The concept has been incorporated into the design of the Reebok Easytone, and it offers the opportunity to improve body tone for anyone who struggles to find time for the gym. The shoes add a little spring to your step and get you walking more and enjoying exercise, and getting much more benefit from each step taken.

Easytone shoes

Reebok Easytone Sneakers

The balance ball is a great tool in the gym for helping to improve body shape rapidly and for improving muscle definition. It works by creating an unstable base requiring constant muscle adjustments to maintain balance. The incorporation of the balance ball technology into sneakers introduces instability into the walking gait, to get the muscles firing for longer, and more muscle groups activated with each step taken.

The midsoles of Easytone shoes contain a network of air filled pods, each interconnected to allow the movement of air throughout the soles of the shoes. When pressure is placed on any section of the network, air is forced into the other pods. The constant airflow causes small instabilities to be introduced to the walking gait, which gets more muscles firing to fine tune balance. The instabilities generated are small, however these translate into much improved toning, helping to get 28% more muscle activity in the buttocks, 11% in the hamstrings and 11% in the calves.

Reebok are well known for their comfortable trainers and their Easytone sneakers are no exception. The shoes feature a soft and silky smooth lining with a Smoothfit seamless design to ensure there are no sources of abrasion. A moisture wicking lining helps to keep the feet dry, and the uppers are highly breathable to get air in to the shoes and to let heat and steam escape. The fit has been created specifically for women’s feet, to ensure great arch support and to prevent slippage within the shoes however the men too still get to benefit with models better suited to a heavier frame.

Reebok Easytone shoes are primarily designed for walking, and for turning the usual daily routine into more of a workout. In addition to the wide range of sneakers, there is the Easytone Flip for the summer and an Easytone boot for the winter.

Reebok Easytone Benefits

    Increase muscle activity in the gluteus by up to 28%
    Increase muscle activity in the hamstrings by up to 11%
    Increase muscle activity in the calves by up to 11%
    Improve blood circulation
    Improve flexibility in the feet

Reebok Simplytone are similar in appearance and technology to the Easytone, however the outsole design used foam rubber pods, rather than the air-filled pods on the Easytone. Some customers have expressed concern about popping the air cushion, either on spikes or having to deal with excess weight. The Simplytone offers a design which is impossible to burst with a more robust construction. They are great toner shoes for long term wear, and when you need to spend a lot of time on your feet.

The Easytone was designed purely for walking, and turns any activity into more of a workout. However for the 15 million or so Americans who jog or run to keep fit, there is the Reebok Runtone. The problem with most toning shoes is that they create instabilities to get the muscles working harder. When moving at speed the forces at work are increased, and the imbalances need to be controlled to prevent injury. This is why most toning shoes are recommended for walking only.

The Runtone however is different, and is one of the few toning shoes sold which is specifically created for jogging and running. The Runtone use the same design as the Easytone for generating the instabilities, however reduces the size of the pods by 50% for greater control and stability. The outsole features 8 pods, with five on the heel and three in the forefoot for maximum control. The shoes strengthen the muscles throughout the lower body, especially thecalves and quads and thy help to increase stamina and improve overall body condition.

For joggers and runners requiring pronation control, the Runtone features a PU sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a pronation controlling orthotic. The cushioning of the shoes is superb, thanks to an IMEVA midsole, and the stresses on the joints are eased for a more comfortable run.

The Reebok Traintone Slimm is the latest release from the Reetone collection and is designed for the gym, fitness classes and for a highly varied workout. The design of the pods has been altered for greater stability and control, with only two outsole pods used; one in the heel and one in the forefoot. The toe pod is replaced with a gripper section for a secure footing and a firm push off, ideal for fitness workouts and stretching for better traction. The pod size is reduced too, with a lower profile design better suited to higher impact workouts. The shoes are great for the gym, good to use on the running machine and great for extra burn on the Stairmaster. They are a great choice if you like to have a varied workout, and will help to tone faster, build up stamina, and boost strength.

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