Cheap toning shoes from championChampion toning shoes offer the same muscle toning benefits as the big name brands, but at a much cheaper price. If you are in two minds about whether or not to try out toning shoes, Champion could well be the answer.
The low price is enough to convince many people to try out toning shoes for the first time, without having to spend a small fortune for a pair of top of the range body shaping shoes. Judging by the reports from the many happy customers, you’ll be unlikely to go back to standard sneakers again!

Why Buy Toning Shoes?

There are two main reasons why people purchase toning shoes.

Body Toning

Toning plays a big part in the decision to purchase, and the promise of a better body without so much effort is a huge plus. The shoes help to stimulate the muscles in the feet for better conditioning, they get the calves and hamstrings working harder, and the buttocks get a targeted workout.

Posture Correction and Comfort

For many people, it is comfort which is the driving factor behind a purchase, with the toning effects a nice bonus. What toning shoes such as Champion offer is a highly cushioned walk, posture correction, and a design which takes the shock waves out of walking for pain free joints.
The shoes offer the barefoot walking in soft sand sensation, with the heel well cushioned, the arches well supported, and the feet getting a thorough workout. The pain relief that shoes such as these offer is extraordinary, with joint pain becoming a thing of the past, back pain can be eradicated and the whole body is left feeling invigorated.
pace fitness toning shoes
With so many aches and pains due to poor posture and battered joints, it’s no surprise that the shoes offer exceptional comfort when the posture is corrected and the shock waves dampened.

Champion Toning Shoes Technology

Champion toning shoes use both the instability pod and the rocker bottom design in their toning shoes range. Both technologies serve to get the muscles working harder by introducing instabilities when walking, and can add up to 30% more toning to the lower body. Many women prefer instability pod shoes due to the lower profile design which the technology allows. Champion offers this style in their Stride Fitness range.

Champion Stride Fitness

Stride fitness from ChampionChampion Stride Fitness shoes use Air Traverse Technology to get the muscles working harder. Air-filled pods are located under the heel and the forefoot which create an unstable base when walking. As the heel strikes, air is pushed into the forefoot pod causing instabilities to be created underfoot. The body responds by firing more muscles to maintain balance, helping to tone the calves, hamstrings and buttocks much faster than with standard shoes. Ultra Foam in the midsole provides exceptional cushioning from the shockwaves of walking, with a highly supportive fit for long term comfort.

Champion Rocker Bottom Technology

For maximum cushioning and the best range of wellness benefits, the rocker bottom design is the best choice. It’s true you will stand taller due to the posture correction which straightens the spine; however the 1 ¾ inch platform of foam rubber certainly helps too.
Whilst many women and men are put off by the design, there is no arguing that they are the most comfortable style of toning shoes to wear, and provide a exceptionally well cushioned walk. If you suffer from back pain, aching muscles, tired legs and feet, the Pace Fitness models with the rocker bottom design are the best bet.

Champion Pace Fitness

Champion Pace Fitness shoes feature a dynamic rocker bottom to create an unstable base which helps to generate more muscle activity throughout the lower body when walking. The curved outsole starts a smooth heel to toe roll which stretches the muscles and ligaments in the feet, and introduces small instabilities to get the lower body working harder.
Midfoot overlays keep the foot secure to prevent lateral rolling for added stability and a robust rubber outsole offers excellent traction. The shoes help to correct the posture and give the blood circulation a boost, with the whole of the lower body working harder with each step.

Buy the Cheapest Toning Shoes Online

Without the huge marketing spend of the big name brands, the savings can be passed onto customers with some of the best prices for toning shoes you are likely to find.You will not get the extensive selection of highly fashionable styles as you will from the likes of FitFlop, Reebok Easytones or Shape ups, but you will get an attractive athletic shoe with all of the wellness and toning benefits.
If you thought you had to spend $80-$100 to get a pair of toning shoes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Champion toning shoes prices.
The majority of the range is available for under $40 a pair, with few retailers selling these now. The only one I think! You can access them on the link below
Payless ShoeSource – FREE In-Store Delivery!
And with prices this low, maybe it’s time to see what all the fuss is about and try out the latest fitness sensation for yourself.


Price Comparison on New Balance Toning Shoes

by michifus on April 1, 2012

Whether you have found this page by accident or design, I am glad you did. This is a great opportunity for a price comparison on New balance toning shoes, as I am sure you have found out – prices for New Balance toning shoes can vary substantially from website to website. I have put this selection together to help you cut back on the time spent on price comparison on New Balance toning shoes, which will give you more time to get out and get toning in your new shoes!
If you are looking to purchase New Balance toning shoes you can get the best possible deals on the links below. Check out Amazon Deals on New Balance toning shoes by clicking here, and you can compare with the prices listed below – it will open in a new tab for ease of reference.

Price Comparison on New Balance Toning Shoes

For the best deals on New Balance toning shoes, browse through the selection below. You have both the WW850 and the WW1100, as well as New Balance sandals for the summer. Each link will take you through the the retailer where you can buy New Balance toning shoes at the best prices.

New Balance toning shoes fall into four main categories: The New Balance WW850 True Balance, New Balance WW1100 True Balance, the New Balance MW1645 Rock & Tone and New Balance toning sandals. All are lightweight, stylish and highly comfortable to wear, and they can help to activate muscles throughout the lower body for faster toning while you walk.


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